They ask how are you?
I am fine,
Says it with a smile.

Can they look the scars?
Invisible marks
Swelling and bruises.
Pain sharp as needles poked in,
Twitches and tingling
All over the body.

Can they read my eyes?
Moist and red,
Look almost dead.
Tears rolling down,
Telling the pain story.

Visits after visits,
Throwing down handfuls of pills,
Needles piercing everywhere,
Dying of hopes,
Failing to get some relief.

Achy hands, swelled up ankles,
Numbness and sores,
Stabbing pelvic pain,
Body getting too frail.
Dizziness and sleepless nights,
Tossing and turning,
Gagging up the sobs,
Only my pillow knows.

And again yet, every morning
Someone will ask how are you?
I am not okay!
My hopes are fading,
That smile is lost,
I just portray wreckage.
Nothing will be good anymore.