Ic awareness month day -2.
How ic is currently affecting me?

I am living with interstitial cystitis from last six years. And in these years I had ups and downs. But what is constant is the severe pain. Currently my symptoms are severe pain in left side of pelvic area. It’s like you are being stabbed with a sharp knife, urgency, urethral pain, and my pain travels down to my whole left leg. This disease control all the aspects of my life. Physically I am not active. Can barely walk a few minutes. And on bad pain days, it’s difficult to even sit in bed. Mentally this disease costs a huge toll since you are in constant pain and your world is turned upside down. Socially over the years I have stopped going out and meeting people. Most of the days when I am going out is just for different appointments. Thankfully I have my spoonie friends who understand the struggles and are constant support. The biggest change is I got a good job, tried working for two months. But my pain went off the charts and my other chronic illnesses worsened drastically. So I had to leave the job. These days I can hardly get out of bed or take care of myself. Ic definitely is currently ruling my life.