I wish I could portray,

The burning pain,

The searing chills,

And my efforts gone vain.

I wish I could portray,

The invisible fibromyalgia.

Wish the scars turned blue,

And every pin and needle

You feel on the body,

Would point to the battle,

That people like me go through.

You would be ablazed

Oh! What a hue,

Those broken mosaic,

We turned into.

I wish I could portray ,

How Interstitial cystitis feel like,

What a bladder with jabbed knife is,

How your vulva

Cut by shards of glass feels like.

How, to your horrors, you pee blood,

Begging for mercy, in flood of tears..

I wish I could portray

the fatigue,

broken dreams,

Choking breaths,

The life passing by,

Lost hopes,

Sleepless nights,

Gut wrenching feelings,

And the lost words.

I wish I could portray.

But please tell me,

Would you still say,

It’s not what it looks like,

I must be fine.