I never shared about my struggle with eating disorder. Even while sharing it now I am battling with if I should share it or not…

I struggle with ofsed( ednos) eating disorder not otherwise specified. Before I proceed further I know I don’t fit the stereotypes. It’s doesn’t matter how much weight someone have, they still can have anorexic behaviour. I struggle with eating. –

For me it’s very tough to eat regular meals. Mostly I end up skipping meals or if I eat i feel guilty about it.

Eating solid foods. – Generally I prefer liquids or semi solids. More than one solid food meal is a big win .

Also under stress it manifest into binge eating. I end up hiding food in my room, eating it alone, crying and continue eating whatever sweet foods I can grab onto.

Also due to having chronicpain issues I am supposed to be on an elimination diet. So this always triggers my eating disorder. Because now the fear for food is more increased.

. Being addicted to sweets to comfort during distress and than guilt trip and restrictions follows..

One of the biggest struggle I face is being fixed on one food. Like I have rice In the lunch and dinner is oats always. Any change panics me. I feel unable to accept. It’s like being obsessed with one foods.

Eating disorder is a mental illness. It needs acceptance and less stigma and stereotypes around it. So many times it may be the result of emotional abuse someone went through..

Next time if you come across someone with eating disorder and have normal weight. Please don’t judge them. You may never know what struggle someone is going through.