Borderline personality disorder is the most stigmatized mental illness in today’s scenario. We are repeatedly called crazy, psychotic and unstable. And all this is far beyond the truth. If someone closely knows the person with bpd can testify this. We are struggling with a mental illness. And it’s symptoms are not deliberate. In most cases they are the maladaptive skills due to trauma. Anyway rather than focusing on the negative side of BPD. I want to share some of our positives.

1. Empathetic- we are full of empathy. We are always there when someone is hurt or suffering. And we deeply care about even smallest of the things.

2. Creative- the songs you are listening, movies you watch, book you are reading or the painting you saw in the exhibition last week, it’s very likely that the creator has BPD. We are insightful and try to turn our pain into words and colours.

3. Passionate- if we care about something, we immerse ourselves into it. Remember if we love you there isn’t anything we won’t do for you . We will pour our whole heart out. And that’s why we can be tough to love. Because our love is so intense.

4. Adaptive- we can easily involve ourselves into new environments. Because we can easily access someone’s likes and dislikes. And always ready to take risks and try new things out.

All these are some gifts of BPD that make my personality. And as a person with bpd I am grateful for this.