A chronic illness is quite different from a terminal illness. Terminal illness means that the symptoms and disease will result in death whereas in chronic illness it may not result in death in foreseeable future but you will be living permanently with the disease till the end of your life.

Chronic illness brings a lots of changes with itself. Get ready for a life with regular appointments, poking the nerves, handfuls of medications, side effects of medications that are supposed to help, diet modifications, disability, less or no social life, loss of jobs and opportunities. It’s a curvy road with lots of turns and you need to be prepared for the next hurdle thrown towards you.

And if you have an illness that is not visible , you will be stared upon and some people are going to judge you or pull you down. What is more devastating is, since your illness is not terminal you are not sick enough to be met with empathy.

The body sometimes feel like a broken house met with thunderstorms and lightning frequently. Last time it was the roof that got hit, , earlier one of the wall fell down and this time the kitchen blew up. Doesn’t matter how much you repair the patches are visible and it is still a broken house.

Medication and lifestyle changes helps with symptoms, you can manage the illness. But the illness will be there whole life. No wonder chronic illness is becoming leading cause of death globally.