Chronic pain makes you go crazy and literally kneeling down on knees in a matter of minutes. Sometimes, when you try to enjoy normally like you could do before but then within hours your pain makes you realise life isn’t same anymore.

I visited a museum two days back, and now my body feels at the rock bottom.
I had to leave within an hour, without able to see it whole, because my legs gave up on me and had sensory overload due to different kind of lights, media and sounds.

And I am in bed from last two days, unable to move, stand or sleep. I am not exaggerating I can’t take a turn in bed now due to pain. And my body is in a crash due to post exertional malaise. I can’t sleep due to extreme fatigue. Yes, it’s what happens when you struggle with multiple chronic illness. And it hurts to feel this bad and helpless.
We are called pain warriors but today I am not a warrior. I feel like a wreck, broken and devastated. And I guess, that too is okay sometimes