I want to share something. It is my personal experience. I hope it may help . This is what i learnt with the help of my psychiatrist.Your pelvis is the area that hold your intense emotions. I understand the pain is from the disease. But see the emotions play a huge part on your body too. We all have observed it when we are stressed we feel heaviness around our head, shoulders or back area. It generally tightens. Similarly if we have anxiety we feel knot kind of feeling in our pelvic area. This is actually we are unconsciously tightening our pelvic.

Problem arises when we supress our emotions, we don’t express what we are feeling. We just put it down. If we are getting too emotional or angry our society has conditioned in a way that we repress it. These unresolved emotions that we have suppressed from years then become a reason for the pain.Tensed and contracted muscles: Muscles can tense in response to certain emotions to stop their flow. In this way they protect us from feeling the emotions that our brain has learnt is threatening to us in some way. For example, it’s common for women to learn that they shouldn’t express anger. Those emotions then get “buried” or suppressed in the body. Chronically contracted muscles can hold back that emotional energy, over time impacting circulation, nerves, . The neck, shoulders, jaw, back and pelvis are common places to hold emotion in the body, and the muscles there can be contracted for years before we end up with chronic pain.

Restricted breathing: Similar to contracted muscles, shallow breathing or holding the breath between the in-breath and out-breath, inhibits the flow of emotional energy. If you have a hard time taking a full deep breath, this can be why.

Both of these mechanisms are unconscious. We’re not aware of the emotions themselves, nor that we are suppressing them, until we bring our conscious attention to our body and begin to observe what’s going on.For long I didn’t accept that i am sick, i overdid it. I panicked what is going on and what will happen. And this fear of pain lead to more pain only. See i live with high pain daily. But i have accepted this is a part of my life. And whatever happens it isn’t going to affect that i will stop living because of it. I am still happy with my life. Of course i still feel bad and cry. But that is okay. There are good days and bad days. To live with pain you need to psychologically change a lot. You need to learn how to better manage your emotions. If we will be panicked and in high anxiety it will take a tollFor it my psychiatrist ask me to do these things.

1. Body scan – whenever you are under stress or in difficult situation. Sit down and scan in what areas of your body you are feeling tightness. To induce it in your daily routine, daily sit down in a relaxed position observe in what areas of body you feel stressed, where it is neutral and where you feel good.

2. Deep breathing- can’t stress this enough. So many times unnoticed we do shallow breathing. You need to breathe through your belly. Inhale for 5 seconds hold for 3 seconds and exhale for 5 seconds.

3. Mindfulness- stay mindful for few minutes to what you are doing. What you are seeing, feeling, observing , touching and hearing in that particular moment.

4. Creative outlet- do anything creative you love. Even you do it for few minutes. When you are creative it releases endorphins and you feel good.

Love yourself and your body will love you.