Since 26 March is considered as epilepsy awareness day, I finally decided to share my experience with this disorder.

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder also known as seizure disorder caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain. The reasons can be head injury, trauma, genetic or unknown.

There are various types of seizures and generally start with signs like change of aura i.e hallucination, deja Vu feeling, blurry vision. After it comes the seizure part, when the seizure occurs in brain. It may be noticeable in many cases like rigid body, fluttering of eyes, unconsciousness, or staring at one point, repetition of activities etc. It lasts from 1-3 mins. After it the person may need some time to recover from it.

I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 7 year old. I had tonic clonic seizures/ grand mal seizures. In starting it would only be vomiting, getting blurry and body jerks. Then within a month it proceeded to convulsions , my body would go rigid, I would loose consciousness and start choking, whole body would jerk continuously. I had idiopathic form of epilepsy that means there is no known cause yet. Thankfully with the start of medicine ( oxcarbazepine


he seizures stop.

With epilepsy you need to be conscious of your triggers . Mine was photosensitivity i.e flashy lights and screens) . No wonder I spent my whole teenage without tv, video games etc. Though it helped me to develop a life long love for books. I took medicines for epilepsy till 17 year of age. Basically for 10 years in total. The doctors decided to take me off medicines.

After one year of stopping the medicines I was seizure free but later on developed complex partial seizures. It’s not as noticable like the convulsions I had earlier. It’s more kind of zoning out, staring at a particular point and a sudden wave of nausea. So again started medicines for it.

The most important lesson I learned with it is , it doesn’t stop my life. I still enjoy every aspect of my life. I got it, I fight like hell with it and live fully with it. I may have epilepsy, epilepsy doesn’t have me.