I am the solitary hunter
Free and courageous,
I prefer my own way,
Free from the chaos and ruckus.

I am the lone wolf
I don’t run with the packs,
I lead my own way
In the misty nights and deep forests.

I howl and summon the whole jungles
My cry is not the cry of a weak,
It is the shout to clear out my way
As I ruthlessly claim my domination.

The moon reflect itself in my golden eyes.
It sings with my tunes of solitude.

I resemble the strength
I am the mighty predator,
My instincts are powerful
I can protect as well as deconstruct.

My spirit is free
I can’t be tamed,
Lions and tigers can be more powerful
But a wolf never perform in circus.

My species is close to extinction
Only very few trustworthy are left,
No wonder that’s why not everyone dine with a raven.

I will protect you and energize you.
But remember when you attack me,
I will be the most relentless you will ever know.