He was a poison,
And I took that hoping it an antidote.

He wanted to eat me alive,
And all this while I thought it may be the last bite.

He wanted money plants,
And I was just a weed in his garden.

He shut my mouth to suffocate,
And every time I wanted to breathe enough to survive.

He was the predator
And I was an easy prey.

He fed the lies as magical dreams,
And I was the silly child.

He trampled flowers,
And I thought we could paste the petals.

He wanted to choke me,
But I wished to thrive.

He was the blackest rage,
And my heart still had corners woven in silk.

He was apt covert demon,
And all I was looking for the angel in him.

His love was wrapped with needs,
And I loved heavily as torrential rains.

He was hungry of control
And I could succumb to threats.

His love was lust covered in form of love,
And I was too hungry to be loved so easily duped.

He wanted to devour me to core
And I rebelled every time.

He loved to smirk
And I was insane with grief..

Yes, I was too much,
Too much love, too much care,
Too much needy, too empathetic.
And he never deserved or still deserve
A woman like me.