If you live with borderline personality disorder , you may have idea that your inner critic is the driving force behind most of the maladaptive behaviours.

Generally during childhood or later stages if you were constantly criticized, mocked down upon or punished , it’s very likely that you may have internalised some of those statements like you are not good enough, you are a failure , you would amount to nothing etc.

Over time this inner critic becomes large and fat due to the experiences we accumulate, how quickly we judge ourselves and lack of self.

Sometimes Inner critic is that constant noise going parallel with everything we do. It tries to measure everything we do on an ideal scale. And it feed on the negative experiences. If you even make a slight mistake then it will be ringing loud in the ears, I already told you so, you can’t do this. People with BPD struggle Continuously with this due to the inherent core content that they are not enough.

Many people with BPD have suffered trauma and internalised all those negative self believes . Then the inner critic comes into play and feed on internalised beliefs. It drives a lot of BPD behaviours like self harming, dissociation, splitting, depression, feeling a void etc.

But remember your inner critic is a liar. It is a trickster. You are a human and bound to make mistakes.

Challenge your inner critic with the facts and present. Try to see the actual picture.

Challenge it with positive affirmations about yourself.

Collect your succeses, positive experiences, and with your resilience tell your inner critic that it’s a liar.

Keep fighting. Believe in yourself that you are a force of nature. Your inner critic with time will become small and won’t be able to stand before you.