For years I pretended,

Your other ghostly mask didn’t exist.

I believed those scar marks

You imprinted on my face didn’t exist.

Of course , he was angry

Nope, he didn’t really mean this.

You twisted my arms,

Carved scars on my spine,

Laughed till I starved,

Tangled nerves and bones of mine.

You kept me like a caged bird,

Pretty face to showcase

And satisfy your pride.

Whenever I spoke

I met that smirk and glint in your eyes,

Making me remember that monster was still alive.

You feasted on my soul,

Stuffed yourself till I was a bundle of bones.

And then dared to ask,

What you did was wrong…

You were a smug sadist ,

Made me believe you were my kryptonite.

I knew then, I had to leave

If I wanted to live.

I was done with your sweet nothings,

Left with a battered mind.

My voice got hoarse defending you,

I was choking on my lies.

You were a sickness,

I am finally done with your casualties.

You are a deranged liar,

Pretending to be a noble.

Guess what, my voice won’t stop.

I will show your masked face behind.

You may not have guts to stomach the truth,

But there is nothing In the world to stop the drowning you.