Yes , your eyes speak of the constellations,
Those glistening jewels speaks a thousand stories.

Yes, you carry with you the power of an active hurricane,
You know how to burn alive with passionate fire.

Yes, you are that mystique,
After all you are the sacred feminine.

Yes,You have the soul of a lone wolf,
That knows the deepest secrets of the dark forests.

Yes,You are the never ending ocean,
As ancient soul as the universe.

Yes, your stilettos leave the marks,
On the paths you embark upon.

Yes, you can survive anything,
Standing tall as a mighty warrior.

Yes , your Amazonian figure,
Tell the stories of the battles you won.

Yes, you are spectacular,
Those chiseled cheekbones speaks about your grace.

Yes, you are an entire galaxy,
Evolving every single day.

Yes, you are as chaste
As the frazil silvery unicorn.

you are the wildflower,
That can’t be trampled upon.

And woman you must remember this
When anyone tries to convince you
That you are any less…