Those who don’t know me, advisory, I am a big Potterhead. I am a ravenclaw. I have watched every Harry Potter movie and read all the books. Harry Potter is my past, present and future.

Recently I visited a cafe that is Harry Potter themed based. Guess, it was in my area from three years, and I discovered it recently only. I went there with my friends and it was such an amazing experience. We all are Harry Potter fans, so of course this visit was special for us.

This is the perfect entrance sign. No muggles allowed beyond this point. We went during the daytime, so we easily got seats. And chit chat for sometime about latest happenings in our lives. Then we decided to order something.

It is their Harry Potter theme based menu. And yes, I read it whole, also asked for a spare copy to carry home. Just read the names, after all they are magical.

We ordered shakes and pizza for us.

This is Sirius brownie shake.

And this is my favourite shake i.e unicorn blood.

It’s their monster burger and godric hallow bread. And all those things taste as amazing as they look.

The cafe also looks good.

It is located in rohini, Delhi. Anyone who loves Harry Potter , should give it a try once. The owners as well as the whole staff were very friendly. And the cafe is really cute. Also the prices are affordable and the food is delicious. I loved few things.

However the only drawback is it’s quite small. Only 8-10 people can sit at once.

After that I have visited it several times and had a great time.