Since, it’s may and fibromyalgia awareness day is nearby. I decided to share one of the major symptom I suffer with.

Allodynia:- it is a pain caused by the touch of anything on skin. A person living with allodynia may find hugs, wearing shirts, cold drops of water etc painful.

It is believed as a result of central sensitization. And our body precieves non pain causing stimulus such as clothes, touch etc extremely painful.

Types of allodynia:-

1. Tactile allodynia-

it is the pain caused by touch. For me, specially in my arms and shoulders if anything touches, it is so painful. I can’t tolerate weight of clothes, bra straps, water falling down, and yes being touched on my arms. It feels like bone crushing pain. And even repeatedly telling this, people still would touch on shoulders. I wish they understood that allodynia is real and some people can feel sharp pain just by touch. .

2. Mechanical allodynia- when movement across skin causes pain. So many nights, I lie awake because the bedsheets touching me are agonizing or the blanket is hurting my arms. Recently from six months, Even direct air creates pain. If I sit under direct fan or air conditioner, my hands and legs start hurting badly .

3. Thermal allodynia- when change in temperature causes pain. When just slight change in temperature that is not damaging to the tissues, makes you experience pain. I am experiencing this symptom from last year. Winters were so harsh and now heat is making my pain worse.

Living with allodynia is not an easy job.

You can no longer wear your favourite clothes, since that purple shirt of yours rub against the skin, your favourite bra feels like a sharp blade on your shoulder and the weight of your T-shirt is too much for you to tolerate.

You shriek with pain when your loved one’s touch you and they back away in horror why you reacted that way. You no longer can hug your friends.

You dread the change in weather as every season bring new challenges for you.

And the worst part is not many people believe you, even professionals. As people see it as an extreme reaction to normal stimulus. However allodynia is a real condition and very tough to live with.