Who is she?
So chaste and pure
Glistening like rain
A touch of the softest of white
She is indeed a Unicorn….
A mythical creature that stand alone
Silver heart, beautifully white
Precious and pure, glisten every night.
Who is she?
She is indeed a unicorn

A fairy that can’t be tamed
For she has the wings to whisk away.
A heart of gold
That can’t be stolen, auctioned or sold
Oh! It is for the one and only unicorn
Who is she?
She is indeed a unicorn.

She is the gentle heart, that shall never grow old
A love so strong, who will never go wrong.
Ah ! She has tender blue eyes, glistening with tears like a dew drop..
She can’t be tamed, can’t be controlled.
Because she is indeed the unicorn,
That can be touched only by the virgin maiden…

Unicorn is a mythical creature, it’s like a white and silvery horse.. It’s so chaste and beautiful…it is considered as the symbol of purity and innocence…