I live with centrally mediated pain from last few years . This is a list of things that help me deal with chronic pain. I still have pain and mostly homebound but these things help me to survive.

1. Lidocaine infusions:- lidocaine if given in low dose over a period of 4-5 hours intravenously, it provides relief in chronic pain. Currently my pain management has me put on monthly infusions. They generally last for a week. And this is the most helpful pain management tool right now in my life. It gives me a significant relief for almost a month. And also helps with the fatigue.

2. Trigger point injections:- They help me in managing fibromyalgia symptoms. These are given superficially in the muscle knots and takes away the pain and muscle spasms instantly. Due to them only my shoulder pain becomes bearable.

3. Colouring- Doesn’t matter in what state I am. Colouring with crayons or pencils is always calming to me. It distracts me from the pain. I have few adult colouring books , mandalas and colouring app in my phone. Lol, I am addicted to doodling and colouring. It works as a mindfulness exercise for me.

4. Magnesium oil spray- I bought it recently from Amazon and i absolutely love it. It helps me with my aching muscles and allodynia flares. Few pumps of spray on my hands and legs help me to sleep without tossing and turning .

5. Coenzyme q10- Thanks to it that at least most of the days I can get out of the bed and fulfil my bare necessities. Otherwise due to myalgic encephalomyelitis I struggle with severe fatigue and can’t even walk from one room to another without support. I am taking it twice daily with few other supplements.

6. Writing poetry- I love writing . Being creative helps me to cope up with pain and mental struggles. It helps me to feel productive. That’s why I started my blog just to write poetry.

7. Cognitive behavior therapy- I did CBT under my therapist and it helps me to cope up with negative emotions and maladaptive coping mechanisms on the bad pain days.

These are some things that help me to survive daily.