These days stress is the common part of our life. But sometimes unmanaged stress can lead to many health problems, physical as well as mental health issues. Many people end up using destructive or self harming activities to deal with the distress.

Following are few strategies that you can use during distress, whenever you are feeling low, anxious, depressed, dissociated or having panic attacks.

1. Read a book

2. Draw in a journal.

3. Watch funny videos on TV or YouTube.

4. Sit in a garden.

5. Watch the birds chirping.

6. Watch old photographs.

7. Observe 5 colours around you.

8. Imagine a safe place in your mind.

9. Smell fresh flowers.

10 . Use your favourite perfume.

11. Light some scented candles.

12. Use essential oils.

13. Use oil diffuser.

14. Use room freshener.

15. Smell fresh grass .

16. Eat some dark chocolate.

17. Drink herbal tea.

18. Eat fresh fruits.

19. Try some hard candies.

20. Chew a gum.

21. Eat something citrus.

22 . Play with stuffed toys.

23. Use healing crystals.

24. Draw tattoo on your hand with pen.

25. Listen to music.

26. Dance.

27. Play video games.

28. Write positive affirmations.

29. Do yoga.

30. Solve puzzles.

31. Do any craft activity.

32. Colour with crayons.

33. Take an epsom salt bath.

34. Write a letter to yourself.

35. Art therapy.