I am made up of witchcraft,
Magical and powerful.
My soul has the depth of anancient oceans
And oceans are believed to survive anything.

To some I am like the soft candy floss,
To others I resemble as a live fire.
I am both strong and fragile,
I need to be known as whole.

I have been crushed, traumatised and been lonely,
But so are the storms,
Their lightening and thunder make them dangerously beautiful.
So beware I am a hurricane
Captured in the body of a woman.

I am strong, ambitious and wild
Before being beautiful.
I need to remember that I too deserve the kindness
That I freely give to others.

I am the hope in a human being,
universe falls apart in dust before it becomes infinite.
So does the destruction
Makes me the warrior I am today.

Don’t forget when you touch the Goddess
And treat her like a property.
You would burn and be the ashes,
Because you are playing with the divine fire.

To know me you need to be like an ocean wanting to touch the shores,
You need to be rain eager to reach the dried grounds.
Because I am no simple woman.

My powers are bewitching,
As I reach the impossible.
And whenever my wings sore high
It makes you realise I am born to fly.

My lips know how to bloom the wilted flowers
And how to burn with acids your betrayals.
My eyes are of a tigress.
Their yellows depict my ferocity.

I am the worshipped As I howls the moon,
The relentless when you try to touch my tribe.

So true, I am the mystery
That takes millions of years to be solved.