On these starless naked nights,
I try to shout to moon,
We both are lonely ,
And will die of this hunger in our bottomless pit.

I try to love and pour myself out,
But all I leave is just stray marks.
Like an empty glass of wine left unattended.
Sweet, tempting but still not good enough.

And when I am hurt
I shout it out , hoarsely
My tongue is then a passage made up of glass Pieces.
And then they see the raging volcano in me,
And who dares to touch hot fuming lava anyway.

You don’t know the loneliness the way I do,
I craddle it daily and put it to sleep ,
Knowing fully well, one day it will strangle me in.

And the carousel never stops.
It keeps running.
And now my ears hurt with it’s humming.