1. Sick by Porochista khakpour.

Journey of late stage Lyme that started since young age and keeps progressing. It is one of the honest memoir of modern Life, 90’s where everything to a black leather dressed iconoclast newyorker seems possible. Where the young adults survive on drugs, bagels , coffees, tattoos and writing. Life is all about now itself. There also she tries everything but deep down she knows something is quite off. For years she tries to avoid it however deep down she knows she is sick. Later, after years of weird symptoms, insomnia, fever, lack of mobility, falling weight, rashes confusion etc she is diagnosed with late stage Lyme and tries different treatments ranging from antibiotics to bee stings. She shares her frustration, pain, hopes and relapses. The story narration is gripping.


The state of me by Nasim Marie jafry.

This one is my personal favourite. I love her and she is one among us in Myalgic encephalomyelitis community. (ME). She has written her memoir from a fictional point of view too. It’s the story of Helen fleet who suddenly get sick with mystery illness. From a high functioning college student now she is limited to a room where the times moves very slow. Most of the days, eating food, and getting out of bed is a big task in itself. Her parents , boyfriend and her friends are the greatest support anyone could have. She undergoes through many tests, failed trials, judgmental eyes and stress in relationship. However, she is witty, funny, strong and assertive. Reading it , you can feel she is full of life.


The sound of a wild snail eating by Elisabeth tova Bailey.

If you want to understand how stillness affect us people with chronic illness. Then, this is a good read. Diagnosed with Myalgic encephalomyelitis and Postural orthostatic intolerance syndrome, she no longer can sit in her own bed and lay down in an apartment . One day her friend brings a wild snail from the forest and deposit it on her pot. From here starts the journey of observing and living the slow paced life. They build a strange companionship. Elisabeth observe it from her bed and discover facts about snails. It is the snail that keeps her going on. This book shares lots of facts about the life , biology and habitat of snails. It is such a heart warming read.

In upcoming posts would add few other chronic Illness books on the list. Keep checking. Thanks.