Rangoli is essential part of any Indian festival. They are patterns made on floor generally with colored sand, flowers, dry flour , chalks etc. They are considered auspicious and supposed to bring good luck. Also they are so fun to make.Here, I am sharing some simple designs to use on Diwali, new year or any other occasion you want to.This is the rangoli I made this year for Diwali.This one was made previous year i.e Diwali of 2018.This one is made by my cousin sister who is immensely talented. She is so hardworking and pour every ounce of her energy in anything she does.It’s my favourite. This looks like a professional work. Anything she touches, always look magical. Love you sista🥰.This one is made by my friend Diksha. I must tell you, she is the partner in crime in whatever I do or should I say mess up. Haha, we are made for each other.Next one is by my friend Pooja Gupta. Our intelligent, sensitive and cutest girl of the gang. She is good at everything, absolutely everything.Another one made by my little baby sister. She is my whole world. I love you Myra princess.My school kids were so excited to celebrate Diwali and have fun. They spent the whole day decorating class. We all decorated together, had fun, teased each other and partied hard. These are their piece of work. (4th grade kiddos).And the last one is from my girl Deepika bhardwaj . Well, this girl knows for sure how to paint dreams and imaginations. She is the most creative, bubbly and gregarious girl I have ever met. Anyone who meets her,fall in love with her. She lightens up the world.Aren’t these so beautiful and perfect?Please comment which one you liked the most and why?Thank you.