When you have any chronic Illness, most of the time you have to manage your life around pain , appointments, bad days, dealing with different situations etc.

At such times, sometimes life becomes chaotic , mentally stressful and we end up further flared and burned out by all the work.

These are some of the points, that can make living with chronic illness a little less tough for us.

1. Plan the day ahead.

I generally keep a to do list in my bag and carry it with me all the time. You can either make it over your smartphone, journal or a random paper. I prefer to make mine at night, one day in advance or the first thing in the morning. This helps me to get my work done according to my pain levels as well as I don’t forget due to brain fog.

2. Put a reminder of your appointments in advance.

I put a reminder in my calendar on the first of every month of my different appointments with specialists. When you see multiple doctors, it’s tough to remember every appointment. Keeping a reminder will help you to go to your appointments timely.

3. Keeping a track of your symptoms .

I have tracker for my symptoms in my bullet journal. This helps me to keep record of my symptoms, which of them are regular , which of them are new, what’s abnormal for me. I also carry it with me to my doctor so he can see the overall symptoms and pain levels for the month.

4. Put yourself first.

It is important to remember that your first priority should be your health . Take out time for self care. Take good care of your mental health. Love yourself.

5. Pacing.

Pace yourself. Plan your activities with your level of pain and rest intervals in between. Flares are expected , even we haven’t done anything to trigger. Sometimes pain increase on it’s own and it is no one’s fault. But pacing and minimalizing your stress levels goes a long way.

It is okay. Life is still beautiful. Live well. Try to enjoy as much as you can.