I am choking,
But the noose is invisible.
I spill blood and veins explode,
And people see it as poetry.
I think darkness runs in my DNA,
Because dark nights is where I belong.

Wrecked ship, trodden stone,
Rotten thoughts and looming death.
That’s what I represent lately.
I howl to the moon,
And wander the land of dead.

I call to the Raven,
Come take me away.
Sit on my shoulders,
And tell others,
Lately we hang together.
Oh, come tell them,
You aren’t my bad omen.
You are my death prophecy.

I no longer want to be strong,
Why, so everyone can keep bullying?
Why I should keep shining?
When extinguishing my candle
Will end the abuse.
At the end, all I want is to be free.
All I want is to stop existing.
So , oh shooting stars and dark night,
Take me as I am one of you.