1. Nothing is okay .

It’s a poetry book on fatphobia, homophobia, white supremacy and feminism. The book is amazing.

2. The nectar of pain.

Poetry for heartbroken people. It touches your soul and help you heal.

3. Everything happens for a reason and other lies I have loved.

If you have chronic illness and over the years have been told that It’s God’s plan, he will heal you, this is for a reason etc. This book is for you. It addresses atheist as well as followers point of view from a terminally ill patient’s point.

4. The beast within.

It’s the retelling of beauty and the beast from prince’s ( beast) point of view.

5. last night I sang to the monster.

It’s a book on trauma and addiction. How it changes a person. How it affects every core. And yes, there is healing. There is possibility of a beautiful future.