Wild embers by Nikita gill talks about how women can be a warrior. She has retold few fairytales in a version that shows how females can be everything. Her poetry is immensely powerful and captivating.

5/5 stars 🌟 .

This is based on holocaust. It captures not only what a jew goes through but how even Germans have their lives disrupted. Liesel is one unforgettable character. This book touches the soul and makes you wonder about human nature and what limits humans can go through.

4.5/ 5 stars 🌟.

I loved this series. Light , funny, quirky and full of love. Don Tillman makes you laugh and love him . Both Rosie and Don are perfect fit for each other .

4/5 stars 🌟

A short poetry book on love, heartache and life. It makes you smile and fell in love a little more deeply with others and yourself.

3.8/5 stars 🌟

It addresses white supremacy and the prejudice against the people of colour. How Ruth Jefferson is made a victim of the system and reported for a crime she never did. It shows how for racism we need to stand up and start making a difference before it becomes too late.

4.7/5 stars 🌟.