During the crisis it is important that we keep ourselves calmed and relax. Here are some ways we can soothe ourselves.


Look at the soothing things, notice what are you looking at.

1. Watch funny videos.

2. Look at your old happy time pictures.

3. Look at the sun , wind blowing and nature around you.

4. Movements of your pets and birds flying gracefully.

5. Dim the lights and look at the calming shadows it make.

6. Look at the patterns around you.

7. Look at clouds.

8. Look at the night sky.

2. Hearing.

1. Listen to soothing songs.

2. There are lots of ASMR videos you can listen to. They have a very calming effect.

3. Be mindful of the sounds around you. Pay attention to the sounds you are hearing in the present moment. How near or far away they sound, is there any repetition, can you recognise the sound?

4. Hear your own breathing sound. Are you able to notice?

5. Hum your favourite tunes or play some instrument.

3. Smell

1. Notice the scents around you.

2. Pay attention to the scent of your soap while washing hands and showering.

3. Use essential oils. Lavender, peppermint etc have calming effects.

4. Pay attention to the aroma of food while eating.

5. See if you can recognise various foods on the basis of their smell.

6. If you have access to flowers. Try sitting there and enjoying their fragrance.

7. Citrus smells have mood lightening effects.

4. Taste.

1. Eat your favourite meal.

2. Eat some dessert.

3. Suck on a hard candy.

4. Take some herbal tea.

5. Lemon water.

6. Notice the texture of the food you are eating.

7. Try having mindful eating. Eat one thing and savor it’s taste.

5. Touch.

1. A cool bath.

2. Savor the feeling of touching crisp, clean sheets.

3. Use a soft comfort toy.

4. Soak your feet.

5. Put a cold compress on your forehead.

6. Brush your hairs for long.

Stay safe and mindful.💓💓