1. Where the crawdads sing by Delia owens.

It’s my favourite book from the list I finished in May. Kya’s story of resilience, courage, surviving alone and beating all the odds. She is also known as marsh girl. There living on the marshes, she comes to know Tate and chase Andrews. Though never been to school , she is a famous writer of many books on herons, shells, insects etc all that she leaned from her surroundings. After a long time, I read such a fierce female character. Love the descriptive writing on marshes by the writer.

2. Yesterday I was the moon by Noor unnahar.

Simply written heart touching poetry.

Like the anger of fire
shapes metal
like the sorrow of a writer
creates poetry
everything that is beautiful
doesn’t always start

This is my favourite poetry from her book.

3. The flat share- Beth O’Leary.

Fun filled story of reserved Leon and extrovert Tiffy who share a one bedroom flat. Sounds typical right, but they haven’t met each other yet even though they are living in the same flat from months and sleeping in same bed. They communicate with post it notes and later fell in love.

I really loved this book. It kept me hooked throught the story.

4. Normal people by Sally Rooney.

Story of Connell and Marianne who live completely different lives and yet drawn to each other from years. They keep distancing and coming together time and again. It is now turned into a tv series too. However, I found their relationship a little toxic. So , it wasn’t upto my expectations. But yeah, it is one of the most popular novel these days.

5. Laughing at my nightmare by Shane Burcaw.

This memoir is hilarious. I loved the book. Shane is disabled as he has spinal muscular atrophy. He shares his journey since childhood till now. His crazy ideas, adventures and the puns he uses in every situation just make you laugh out loud. It’s a realistic story of aspirations, dreams and fears as a disabled person. The struggles he go through daily, the way his family helps and how he finds his love. This is another favourite of mine.

Will soon update about the books I am reading now amd what is on my ever-growing tbr.

Books are absolute love and reading makes my life more beautiful and full of meaning.

You can find more updates about the books I am reading on my bookstagram account.