1. The forty rules of love by Elif shafak

There are two parallel stories in this novel , one of Ella, otherwise content housewife but who along the way has lost love in her marriage is sent a manuscript to review ‘sweet Blasphemy’. It is a historical story of love and friendship between the great poet Rumi and wandering Dervish Shams of Tabriz.

This book opens you to Sufi world and how it touches rich people of Konya to harlots, beggars and drunkards.

The forty rules given by Shams on love still hold meaning. I am glad that i had the opportunity to read this book, from now on Rumi’s poem are going to hold a deeper meaning for me.

2. The tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris .

This is a true account of Holocaust. It is the love story of lale sokolov and Gita Furman( prisoners at concentration camps). It is a historical account of the atrocities that Jews and other prisoners went through and hardly few were able to arrive back alive. It was a gut wrenching tough read of unimaginable crimes millions went through.

3. P. S I love you.

A simple love story yet keep you hooked till the end. It carries all the emotions from happiness to grief. Gerry is diagnosed with terminal illness and dies soon. During this time period he writes 10 letters addressed to his wife Holly to get her through grief to a new life. And during this time period her best friends help her. It is that kind of story that leaves a mark on you.

4. Sea prayer by Khaled Hosseini.

If any writer who can give true account of trauma and war is Khaled Hosseini. Every book of his takes you to a journey of an ancient city now crumbing down due to war. This is a short illustrated book in a prayer form of a father about his son to reach safely the refugee land.

5. Totto – chan

Being a primary teacher it was on my list from long. And I totally loved reading it. It is a story of a school where kids are of utmost important and learn in the way they want to. They play together and learn to respect each other and see everyone as equals. This books holds the potential to change your views on child education.

6. Girl interuptted by Susana kaysen

It is an honest review of Susana who struggles with Borderline personality disorder. It is set in an hospital where she stays with people with eating disorders, mania and Lisa a sociopath and other patients with mental illnesses. It shows her period of stay and recovery. Since I too struggle with BPD, this book really touched me.